Tuesday, January 26, 2010

mmmm...f o o d.

Growing up in a multi-cultural family, I learned quickly that family indeed revolves around good food. Yes, food is essential to life but it's also the catalyst for bringing everyone together...and not just on the obvious holiday with the whole huge spread/feast thing, but every night for dinner. My mom is a true, native Italian, New Yorker woman as is my grandmother. There was no such thing as Prego when I was a kid. When you cook, you go all out, you get creative, you combine tradition with whatever's in the pantry and you gather around the table and well... you "Mangia!"

Of course when the idea of Giuseppe Catering came up, my mom was sold. I don't know if it's because he and my grandfather shared the same first name, or if his Italian charm won her over but he is our caterer and I am A-Ok with that! If his Cafe menu is any indication of what the wedding meal will taste like then my guests are in for a treat. Guiseppe uses nothing but the best local and organic products and I know my wedding will be in the hands of a culinary master. Did I mention he uses one queer eye and one straight eye when catering an event? Yes, my wedding will be utterly fabulous!

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