Thursday, September 10, 2009

I heart. . .

The first time I visited MCASD in La Jolla was on a field trip (I was not 7 years old, nor was I on a yellow school bus). I was actually about 20 years old and it was for one of my Art major courses at San Diego State. I of course was blown away by some of these amazing local artists, photographers, sculptors, conceptual innovators! It was so refreshing to be amongst modern art and get away from Art History 101 for awhile ( I still love you, Seurat). But mostly, I was so in awe of the architectural design of this building that it really made me appreciate not only the art inside but this magnificent shell around it! You know the saying, 'location, location, location...' there is not a better view than the one from the west glass walls on the 2nd floor... it's La Jolla Coves at it's finest! Such an expansive view of Cuvier Park, the seals, a bit of downtown city La Jolla and well, the Pacific.

I guess you could say I had my little heart set on that little museum from the moment I stepped foot in it. I booked the Museum for June 26, 2010, the day of our 9 year anniversary and I couldn't be happier. I love how when I first took Paul there he just said...'this is it'. A lovely blend of his favorite thing and mine; the ocean and art. I can't wait to continue the planning process with Eric Reichman, the helpful MCASD Event Coordinator, then perhaps have lunch at The Museum Cafe, one of Giuseppe Ciuffa's masterpiece dining spots right there on the site...mmmm, please try their Ultimate Grilled Cheese. Seriously. Run, don't walk.

Planning an Engagement Party!

It's been a wild summer... so here I am, a handful of out of state weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and bachelorettes later, finally posting something about the big day!

My mom and I decided it'd be nice to throw an engagement party...hey, you only do this once so you'd better make it fun! She suggested a cocktail party with a few close friends and family, some good music and a delicious spread. How does one say no to that? Of course my first reaction was: invites! I love all things paper-related and can browse a stationery store for much longer than is really neccessary. Please let me tell you about my new-found discoverey at and the Paper Source store at The Forum in Carlsbad... too good to be true. They have all you need, especially if you're a D.I.Y. kind of gal like myself. They carry specialty fine paper, paper with prints, ribbon, custom rubber stamps, all pieces needed for an invitation suite and accessories in every color under the sun. I got the long, black, open-end envelopes to put my invite in, which I designed and got printed, cut up a yard of their beautiful silk ribbon dyed from old chinese silk parachutes and put it all on a black cardstock flat card for a nice border. I think they came out well! I love the splash of that dark teal ribbon as a little pull tab when you first open the envelope...I told you I was obsessed with this paper stuff! At least most things from The Paper Source are produced with 30% post-consumer waste and are visibly stamped with the "PS Green Choices" symbol.
My dahlia-like design on the invite was inspired from some green button mums I had that week in my living room...another thing I am obsessed with, botany! So basiaclly I'm the crazy paper/plant lady.