Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creating a Style File Folder

I have a black 3-ring binder folder of magazine cut-outs, online print-outs and bridal show hand-outs that I've been saving for years! This is something my mother and I began to do when we aimlessly flipped through bridal magazines. We would just get 'inspired' and wanted to remember these creative ideas in the future. Being in the wedding, design and event industry, I've seen some really beautiful ideas out there so the folder has really helped me narrow down all my favorite things I want to do and incorporate into the big day. It's also helped immensely in the decision making process. 

No matter if it's a fabric swatch, a pattern you saw in Architectural Digest or a red carpet hairstyle you saved to your desktop favorites- save and print these out! Chances are, you will forgot these little things when your big day draws near, so always keep it handy and you can edit through that folder later on. But if it strikes you in any way; color, design, shape, style- rip it out and save it!

Getting Engaged!

First things first...after 8 long years, it's finally time to seal the deal (with a kiss, of course)! Paul and I are now officially engaged and we'd like you all to share in this whirl wind of a year we have ahead of us!

It started with a gift Paul's mom, Cheryl, gave to us...a beautiful marquise diamond from her marriage with Paul's dad, Mike. This ring holds wonderful sentiment to both Paul and myself. Such an incredibly generous gift was given to us and we are very thankful for that. Being a designer myself, I knew just who to go to for a beautiful custom designed engagement ring...Jeff Martin at John Franklin Jewelers. Together we collaborated on something very unique and gorgeous. Jeff is such an easy going guy to work with and really talked us through the whole ring process. Plus he got us hooked on the popular growing trend of a beautiful metal called Palladium as opposed to white gold or platinum. As a radiant, naturally white metal, Palladium offers things that both white gold and platinum cannot. Jeff's been working with this fine metal for over a decade, so I trusted his recommendation. I'm so happy with our choices and both Paul and I would highly recommend stopping by John Franklin Jewelers for all your wedding and engagement ring needs!