Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Woah. Where did you go January?

It is officially the 5 month mark today. I didn't even realize until Paul asked me what the date was today. Sure, I had a mini panick attack- I guess I'm still reeling from that because I just spelled panic with a 'k'- but I'm ok now...

Save the dates should be coming in any day now from OvernightPrints.com. They do all sorts of postcards there. We got ours printed on an offsett printer as opposed to a digital laser print. I guess I was really going for an old school vibe and wanted to pay homage to all the hours of sweat, tears and ink stained fingernails from Lithography classes I once took (it's an archaic form of printing, where the image is put onto limestone, then transferred onto paper, rolled through a press and basically, from the repulsion of oil and water, your image magically appears onto paper- awesome.)

I designed my vintage inspired postcard using a great black and white, out of focus image from our engagement shoot with theorie. To top off the whole nostalgic feeling I scanned in an image of my grandparents on their wedding day from 1951 at The Tavern on the Green in Central Park, New York. It's the coolest image and I don't know how they had the capacity do that kind of "cut and paste" design work back then, but they did. I used the edge of their photo border to go around our image and I think it worked well! What do you think?

mmmm...f o o d.

Growing up in a multi-cultural family, I learned quickly that family indeed revolves around good food. Yes, food is essential to life but it's also the catalyst for bringing everyone together...and not just on the obvious holiday with the whole huge spread/feast thing, but every night for dinner. My mom is a true, native Italian, New Yorker woman as is my grandmother. There was no such thing as Prego when I was a kid. When you cook, you go all out, you get creative, you combine tradition with whatever's in the pantry and you gather around the table and well... you "Mangia!"

Of course when the idea of Giuseppe Catering came up, my mom was sold. I don't know if it's because he and my grandfather shared the same first name, or if his Italian charm won her over but he is our caterer and I am A-Ok with that! If his Cafe menu is any indication of what the wedding meal will taste like then my guests are in for a treat. Guiseppe uses nothing but the best local and organic products and I know my wedding will be in the hands of a culinary master. Did I mention he uses one queer eye and one straight eye when catering an event? Yes, my wedding will be utterly fabulous!

I have this 'theorie'...

"Hey, you misspelled theory." Actually reader, I did not. theorie is Amy & Maurice Wright; San Diego photography extraordinaires.

I knew that looking for a wedding photographer would be a daunting task. There are so many great ones out there, especially in San Diego and I've had the pleasure of working with a handful of them throughout the years on photo shoots & fashion shows all over this amazing little city. You can't compare talents when it comes to a photographer. Sure there's skill and a whole lot of technical things that I can't quite wrap my brain around (I can barely work my Nikon D40, though I sure do love it) but then there's style and above all else, there's passion. It's a love for what you're doing that makes your work stand out. It's so hard to be original these days when everything, especially in the wedding industry, has already been done. But then there's the re-hashing of things and twisting it just enough to take an already existing idea and make it original again somehow that sets true artists apart from just 'artists'.

Amy and Maurice are fun-spirited, soulful artists that both Paul and I enjoyed working with. Our engagement shoot took us from beach to city with some interesting parking lot wardrobe changes in between. :) We love the images and moments they captured on our engagement shoot and can't wait for them to be there on the big day, doing what they do best!